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Written by Steve Hildinger   
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 01:52

I've gone through and re-themed the site.  It should be staying pretty much the same appearance-wise, but I'll be adding gears to various areas,particularly the header.  There is lots of content that has to be added, but the graphics should be all wrapped up.


We are going to go through PayPal for payment processing for now.  They were really easy to setup an account with.  The other place took longer and also charged more than twice the amount that PayPal did.  I am going to be looking into accepting BitCoins to pay in a way such that when BitCoins are paid a coupon code is generated.  There has to be a limit on how many though and it won't be available until things get going.


No pictures yet, but nearly all the materials have come in.  Tomorrow I should be getting all the threaded and smooth rod.  A number of items from one of the company are taking a while.  Looks like I'll have to order from them in advance.  I did order quite a bit from them to add to inventory.  Things are looking good, the shop should be open soon.