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Green wool blue incense burner
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Green wool blue incense burner 7 months, 2 weeks ago #1

Chui maolan incense burner is a piece of porcelain from kangxi period, which is 13cm high. Diameter of 22.5 cm.
Specification: 13cm high; Diameter of 22.5 cm
Kangxi's green, blue and green flowers, gorgeous, bright, green, thick and light, with rich and distinct colors, truly reflect the endless charm of traditional Chinese ink painting. Kangxi is a rare treasure in Chinese blue and white porcelain. This green maolan incense burner: open, tied neck, abdomen drum, circle foot; The shape is elegant and elegant, and the fetal bones are like jade and the glaze is white and fine. Neck painting lines, string, body painting landscape garden character lines, drawing exquisite exquisite, kang xi chui blue blue beautiful qing cui, hair colour is lively and fresh, shade depth image points, scene and level, the pen and ink interest through five colours will ink Chinese painting on porcelain express incisively and vividly, is a relatively rare of the kangxi period.

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