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The cause of a defect
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The cause of a defect 7 months, 2 weeks ago #1

Small longitudinal cracks are small impurities mixed into the crystallizer to form.
The main reason for the peak crack is the transverse crack of the outer arc of the billet.
The side line cracks are caused by the rollover of the billet edges to the surface during the rolling process.
Inclusions and scars are caused by not cleaning up the surface slag.Pesas de barras de acero macizo
Measures to prevent defects:
1, regularly check the mold, especially the water sample, to see whether there are small impurities mixed, resulting in water quality changes.
2, strictly control the overage service of the equipment, ensure the timely maintenance of the sector segment, and avoid the scratch of the billet caused by the partial rotation of the fan section.
3. Implement the control of water distribution zoning in bending section to dynamically control the angle temperature of the billet with different width and avoid the corner temperature entering the brittle zone during the bending process.Ventas de acero inoxidable
4. As far as possible, wide end slab is used to produce large width steel plate to reduce the width of steel plate rolling, so as to reduce the uneven deformation degree of the edge of the wide plate rolling, and weaken the width of the line crack in the steel plate.
5, improve the uniformity of the slab in the heating furnace, optimize the slab heating process, reduce the temperature difference on the slab and lower the difference of the deformation and resistance on the workpiece, and reduce the uneven deformation of the edge of the rolled piece.
6, improve the billet finishing capability, avoid the occurrence of two defects such as incomplete cleaning of oxide slag after casting billet and local depth burn.
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