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Metallic materials
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Metallic materials 8 months, 2 weeks ago #1

Metal materials are usually divided into ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and special metal materials.
(1) Ferrous metals are also called iron and steel materials, including industrial pure iron with impurity content less than 0.2% and carbon content less than 0.0218%, steel with carbon content of 0.0218% ~ 2.11% and cast iron with carbon content more than 2.11%. The generalized ferrous metals also include chromium, manganese and their alloys.TP347H ASTM A213 Stainless Steel Pipe For Precision
(2) Non-ferrous metals refer to all metals and their alloys except iron, chromium and manganese, which are usually divided into light, heavy, precious, semi-metallic, rare and rare earth metals, etc. The strength and hardness of non-ferrous alloys are generally higher than pure metals, and the resistance is large, and the resistance temperature coefficient is small.Prime Quality Customised ER308 308L 308LSi TIG Welding Wire Manufacture
Special metal materials include structural metallic materials and functional metallic materials for different purposes. Among them are amorphous metal materials obtained by rapid condensation process, quasicrystal, microcrystalline, nanocrystalline metal materials, and other special functional alloys such as stealth, hydrogen resistance, superconductivity, shape memory, wear resistance, vibration damping and metal matrix composites.
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