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Sky Pump
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Sky Pump 7 months ago #1

Product Profile
This day's pump is a high-quality small boom concrete pump truck independently developed by Xiangjian Heavy Industries. The classic four Z-boom, which combines the technology of Sanyi and Zhonglian Heavy Industries and other large listed companies, is an efficient concrete conveying equipment integrating driving, mixing, pumping and distributing.
Product Advantage
Advantage 1: The whole vehicle height is 3.8 meters, a new industry height, a broader scope of construction.
Advantage 2: Full hydraulic control mixing system, lower noise, stronger adaptability, can meet more comprehensive needs.
Advantage 3: High-power mixer, concrete after full mixing, and good workability, high strength, high quality concrete.
Advantage 4: Single high-pressure pumping mode, cloth outlet pressure up to 10 MP pumping efficiency increased by 25%, fuel consumption decreased by up to 10%, more adaptable.
Advantage 5: One-button automatic feeding system, simple site mixing operation, convenient construction, large volume of one-time pumping, greatly shorten the construction cycle, higher efficiency.
Advantage 6: Short boom pump truck, specially designed and manufactured for rural housing and high-speed rail construction, classical four Z-type boom, convenient cloth, rural and urban areas can adapt to all kinds of terrain.
Advantage 7: With the function of automatic piston withdrawal, the piston can be quickly withdrawn, and the product is easy to maintain and replace.
Advantage 8: The core accessories imported from Germany have excellent performance and long service life. They can not only undertake large-scale projects, but also solve the problem of mixing in rural areas.
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