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omorrow, do you think abo
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omorrow, do you think abo 3 weeks, 3 days ago #1

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omorrow, do you think about the diary you wrote yesterday, whether you still remember it tomorrow, the one who loved you the most, the teachers have no idea, you can��t guess the problem, I also accidentally flipped the photo and remembered the same table. You, who has sent you a sentimental, who saw your diary, who put your long hair up, who gave you the wedding dress"s is the lyrics of "You at the Same Table" Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale Takes Visa, a beautiful sad lyric that reminds thousands of people to miss.link of an eye, you have become the same table I used to. How accidental it was with you at the same time, never thought that I would be at the same table with you, and I wouldn��t want to be at the same table with anyone since then, and I can��t tell why. Looking back at the days of the day, I was really crazy. It also attracted a lot of attention and proverbs. But I don't mind because we are just pure friendships. Listen to them, you are the kind of person who is not close to people (very cold, rarely talking to people, especially girls). But I am very lucky, we both talked very much. It has therefore become the best friend of the opposite sex. I still remember our footprints on the school road; the memory of talking and laughing; the dissatisfaction of the quarrel; the... too much memory to be treasured. I am sometimes very self-willed, but you are always more willful than me, and I have to be embarrassed. I always say that I have to test you, but I have not tested it every timetill remember when the eighth grade was in the middle school exam, (at that time you are not at the same table) you threatened me to say that if I can't test you this time, I will break with me. I know that you just want me to test well, even if you are not good, you will not break with me. I did not expect that I really tested you. But I was still a little unhappy at the time - your grades have dropped, and the decline is very fast, very soon! the same table, the one that brought me happiness at the same table. I just want to tell you, friends, at the same table All Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping, you have to be happy, you have to improve your grades, and then come to "taunt" me! I remember that I was on the way. A cheerful stream, singing and singing songs Cigarets Free Shipping, the sound of flowing water fluttering; unconsciously, blurred my eyes; quietly, awakened my thoughtsalways say that childhood is the happiest time of their lives. Now, I finally understand the truth, but my thoughts may be different, because my happiness exists with her.s a pity that she has gone; it��s a pity that she has gone.andma, how are you doing now?are in the memory Marlboro Regular Red Lowest Price, your hair is already white, your waist is bent; but why, your dry hand can still pick up the axe to cut wood; but why, your weak shoulders can still pick up the bucket full of water ? Is it because of life; is it because of others? Or is it because of young me?tunately Marlboro Reds Free Carton, all of this has not been answered, because you have already gone.creek in memory that you have been waiting for the rest of your life, it is still clear today; just for some reason, the water it splashes is salty? Is it because it is crying?t's wrong with this, how can the fish not laugh, how can they also bow their heads and swim far? Is it because they are missing?hing is lost in color. Is it because of the gloomy sky, is it contaminated?s a pity, unfortunately; everything is not answered, because you have already gone.ou can, I would like to pray for a lifetime, just to see you even the last side; just to let you, accompany me again, a grandmother who loves the summer night, I still have too many words to confide to you; you used to Laughter, I haven't been able to interpret them one by one; Grandma, I still have too many words to confide to you; I shed tears when I left, I haven't been able to erase them.ly, finally everything is empty again; the heart is empty, empty, and tears are empty.this time, I am standing on the shore of the creek in my memory; let the tears fall between the gravel, let the memories fill the air; at this moment, I have no thoughts; at this moment, my mind is empty. .tream still went to the east; the sun was still rising east and west; but now I am numb; until a breeze blows; my thoughts spread again.
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