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I have read an artic
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I have read an artic 6 months, 2 weeks ago #1

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I have read an article "Walking and Stopping", which said that for those who stopped by the clear water after the rain Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, those who are sad and sad for the wind and the flowers, go early to see the smoggy people Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, and those who enjoy the sunset at dusk, Such people have poetry. If there is a poetry, if there is another talent, there will be an ingenuity, and it will be transformed into an artist. I feel a little bit interesting. Perhaps it is the reason for experience and hobbies, I feel that I sometimes have poetry. This article is a bit of a word, telling me that my poetry is in favor of a saying that the poetry of the Chinese is in the bones, but the poetry often originates from the body consciousness, I think so. In my opinion, poetry is a part of human nature. Without poetry, life will feel uninteresting. In life, I don't write a lot of poems, but I like poetry and like to express my feelings poetically Newports 100S. My poetry is often reflected in three aspects: poetry and dreams, poetry and poetry, no poetry, but also There can be a poet's dream. All along, there is a beautiful dream in my heart. When I live my life and live poetically Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, I will prepare a beautiful dream of my future life in my heart. That fashion is small, like reading a book, just aunt working in the library, reading conditions are superior, I often read the book forgot the time, forgot to eat, really can be described as sleepless nights. Looking at the vivid, novel, interesting, dreamy, fascinating literature, stories, fairy tales and other books, I feel very enjoyable. I even decided to grow up to be a writer, writer or poet in the future, so I liked it. Poetry, as well as poetry, have tried to realize it. To this end, when I added a few poetic ages to the history of my life, I wrote the first acclaimed first year. When I published a literary debut in the county magazine, I was at the age of 8. When the municipal newspaper published the first small poem, I was transferred to the unit to engage in news propaganda and secretarial writing. When I published 12 articles in the central-level publications, I won the first prize of county-level news. At the age of 0, when I won the third-class award for the short-term literary national theme essay, I won the fourth "Chinese Love" national poetry essay league. Silver and dreams are the same, and poetry and dreams often blend naturally. In a sense, poetry and dream have the same imagery. I feel more and more strongly that my poems and dreams have been implanted in my life. Hugo said: "Life is like traveling, ideal is the route, lost the route, and has to stop moving forward." This is a wise man's warning. In my opinion, ideal is a beautiful dream of life. A person has a life ideal, a life goal, and must have poetry, poetry (or ideal feelings, romanticism), so poetry and dreams are indispensable - I The road to life is that poetry and dreams have come together. Then it is poetry and distant 80s. Our life at that time was boring, but the ideal was full, the imagination was amazing, and the topic was very creative. Especially poetry and distance are essential. I remember that when I entered the first group branch activity, everyone talked about the desire that life wants to achieve. I want to talk about this life at least half of China, to find poetry and distance. Today, of course, I did it early, and I have had a wonderful experience. I like to visit poetry and distance. When I was young, I was responsible for the news and propaganda work of the unit. At that time, the Municipal Bureau had incentive measures, and the relevant assessments of the Municipal Bureau received the top three in the provincial bureaus Marlboro Cigarettes Sale. The meritorious personnel can go to other places to study, study and exchange. I benefited a lot from this welfare. In middle age, because my family has the opportunity to take college, work in the field, marry, and travel, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Yellow River Stone Forest, South Xinjiang I am also very knowledgeable in other places; nowadays, I am entering old age, and I will join hands with my wife to complete the dream of youth when I can do what I can. Whether it is Mobei Yellow Sand or Jiangnan Yanyu, whether it is the ancient Eastern country or Western mythology, it is an optional project. Even we will go to Vienna to listen to the music we like, go to Paris to enjoy the smile of Mona Lisa, go to Africa to see the animal migration, go to Europe to see the classical
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