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A table, a chair
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A table, a chair 5 months, 3 weeks ago #1

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A table, a chair, a book, a cup of tea. Long tea, misty, lingering in the afternoon sun. The faint tea scent pulls the tip of the nose, like reading and pulling my soul. Green leaf fragrant tea, celadon white enamel, just like a dream in the red building, can be described as fun tea, has a long history, long fragrance, is comparable to the dream of the red building. Tea ceremony is also about the way of life. Tea is tea Newport Cigarettes, not all tea. It is sweet, and it may also be bitter, like a Dream of Red Mansions. It is worth considering and understanding. A Dream of Red Mansions is just a literary classic that has been circulating for a long time Marlboro Red, but it depicts the human world and is the epitome of many different life. Everyone has their own life, and every kind of life will be as sweet and eternal as tea. Just like Mr. Yang Wei said, "We have been so eager for the fate of destiny. In the end, we discovered the most beautiful scenery in life. It was the calmness and calmness of the heart." I went to the West Building and looked at the Dream of the Red Chamber on a page-by-page basis. From day to night, from the sun to the yellow light, the book shadows on the window, it is a kind of faint pleasure, let me experience the time and quiet, the years of the book. I still remember that the first time I read "Dream of Red Mansions" was in the fourth grade of primary school. At that time, it was still small. It was only used as a story. It was ignorant and ignorant of the human world. Look at the mountains and see the water as water. This is the best state of mind, clear and simple Cigarettes For Sale, so when you see the mountain, it is the mountain. When you see the water, it is the water. Of course, in this way, I don��t understand the width of my clothes. I��m not worried. For the sake of Yi, however, with the increase of age, I have experienced more and more, and the eyes of things have become sharp, and I have certain judgments and positions on things. That is to say, the formation of personal values ??and the outlook of life. About the third day of the year, when I read the Dream of Red Mansions, I tasted a lot of taste. Cry, laugh, hate, love, and all kinds of complex psychology and emotions. I have to say that Mr. Cao h
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