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Recently, there 6 months ago #1

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Recently, there has behing that remembered Paul Kochakin was the main character, but he was already devote himself to communism. The determination and perseverance of the cause was deeply impressed. I forgot the specific feelings of reading this book at that time. I only remember that I have treated Paul Kochakin as an idol since then. Some students asked me: "Who is the most admired person?" I always answer with pride. :"Pavel Korchagin". The happiest thing is: Since then Parliament Cigarettes, my mother has boasted that I have become sensible, that my own things can be done by myself, and that homework is done independently. In fact, the influence of some people and some things is quiet Marlboro Red. Inadvertently, you have quietly changed. This is a process of reinventing yourself, holding a good book and establishing a dream. When we were young, we always said: "My dream is to be a teacher. My dream is to be a doctor. My dream is to be a scientist..." But now I no longer regard these as dreams, but only careers for making a living. Today, fast-paced, we are more alive for survival, not for dreams. What is even more tragic is that some people don��t even have a dream. They just have to live through it. Gorky said: "The more I read, the closer my books are to the world, and the more bright and meaningful life is for me." When you are confused and overwhelmed by life, why not make a book? In the ocean, you can ask for advice from scholars who are knowledgeable and hold a good book. No one's success is achieved overnight, but constantly reading and accumulating knowledge can be the best stepping stone to success. If you love mathematics and dream of becoming a mathematician, then the library's neat, boring probability and mathematical statistics, constant differentiation must be your favorite; if you are passionate about literature and are interested in winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, You can't put it down on the bookshelf, full of literary novels. "Birds want to fly high first to shake their wings, people want to go ahead and read first", "reading a million books Marlboro Lights, writing a pen like a god", "there is less hate when the book is used, things are not difficult to understand"... every read a good book, insight In the other scene described in the book, the knowledge in the chest increased by one point, and it also took a step closer to the dream. On the way to chasing dreams, we can only continue to read, keep learning, and constantly improve ourselves. When the opportunity comes, we can gain momentum and make our strengths worthy of our dreams. However, it is hard to hold a good book. Is it just to take a book that I think is not bad, and read it there? If you understand this, you are very wrong! Lu Xun said: "If you don't have a good hobby, you can do as much as you can. Without first reading the group books, you will have no choice or loss of preference, and then broad and deep, and then specialize." Zhu Xi said: "The law of reading, in a gradual, familiar "Reading and thinking"; Knya Ninin: "There are three ways to read: one is to read and not to understand, the other is to read and understand, and the other is to read and understand what is not in the book." In short, reading pays attention to a gradual process. First of all, you must have the awareness of choosing a book, choose what you love and what you need; secondly, the so-called reading is to read in your heart, not just general browsing, to understand. The true meaning of reading is to be in the book, to rejoice with the characters in the book; finally, it is also the highest state of reading: reading and knowing what is not in the book. This requires readers to read more and think more in their daily lives. Everything is more than one. Why if you compare life to an invisible run, reading is the most important seasoning in endurance activities. Agent. We can't take advantage of the unique scenery at the end of the road, but with reading, a book and a mood, with a unique eye to feel the grass and trees in the road, this is not the most beautiful scenery!
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