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aves found his in
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aves found his in 5 months, 2 weeks ago #1

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ith both of me, and forgot to chat with Yue Xiang. This caused the helplessness and embarrassment of the leaves for a few days. The classmate of the leaf is called Chen Lin. On Saturday, the leaves are watching the TV series and fell in love with two of me. Suddenly the phone rang, it was the prompt of the QQ message. The leaves picked up the phone, but I didn��t want to see it, but I looked at the reminder. Chen Linfa��s message was taken. Chen Lin said: ��Foliage, I broke up with my boyfriend. He suspected that I bothered him when he was playing the game. He said badly to me and said that we have nothing to do with me. He was disappointed, what should he do?" The leaf said: "Ah! No! You are not just together on Thursday night? How can you break up today?" Chen Lin said: "It is what he said, we have not Relationship. So we broke up." But Chen Lin said: "I am with others." The leaves asked: "Who?" At this time, the leaves have a strong hunch, Chen Lin said he is Yue Xiang. But I did not expect that Chen Lin really said: "It's our class, and you also have his QQ number." The moment the leaves knew, I felt a little disappointed, but the leaves didn't want to ask Yue Xiang about him and Chen Lin. After all, they The time of understanding far exceeds the time that the leaves and Yue Xiang know each other, and the understanding of Yue Xiang by the leaves is only on the Internet. The leaves know that Yue Xiang and Chen Lin are together, try to talk about some relaxed topics when chatting with him, even if he knows that he will return a favor or oh. If there is really nothing to say, send a smiling expression. Although Chen Lin is with Yue Xiang, every time the leaves and Chen Lin are chatting together, the leaves hear only Chen Lin��s apology to Yue Xiang. Chen Lin��s feelings for her ex-boyfriend are too deep, even if Yue Xiang is Her boyfriend can't do anything, and their meeting has become very embarrassing. Even if they meet, they don't know what to say. The leaves looked at them and they became very tangled. I don't know how to persuade them that Chen Lin couldn't bear the pressure in the heart at noon that day. I always felt that I was sorry for Yue Xiang. I used the QQ of the leaves to send a message to Yue Xiang. "Chen Lin asked me to follow. You said, let's break up!" At that time, the leaves were chatting with Yue Xiang. Yue Xiang��s reply is: ��Amount��. The leaves don't know what to do, they have been talking with Chen Lin all the time. The face is always facing, the ringing is ringing, but Chen Lin still doesn't know what to do. The leaves said to Chen Lin that "refueling", they went out that night, they went to class later, the leaves and Chen Lin went to the school to go shopping, the leaves asked Chen Lin: "How." Chen Lin said: "He has been watching I am laughing at me." At this time, they suddenly said a problem Cheap Cigarettes. In the past few days, Yue Xiang has been constantly updating his signature. The leaves are walking around the space of Yue Xiang with their mobile phones Wholesale Cigarettes, and they have seen a "love of you." Every day (3), the leaves gave Chen Lin a look at the phone and asked her what it meant. Chen Lin wondered: "I don't know." The leaves are also full of doubts, the leaves have been turned down, and I saw a love for you every day (2), the leaves suddenly seemed to think of something, and asked Chen Lin, "You have been together for a few days," Chen Lin said. "From the QQ on Friday, it should be three days." The leaves suddenly understand, the number behind is the number of days you are together, Chen Lin heard, the voice of the voice became He was hoarse, and there was a feeling of crying and crying. The leaves saw it, and my heart was very distressed that my best friend was hurt, but they gave their feelings and persistence wrong. In this way, Chen Lin did not know how to face Yue Xiang. Next, for a few days in a row, every time I see Chen Lin in the leaves, Chen Lin will almost say something that Yue Xiang has done to her today that he should not do. Every time I hear the leaves, I feel that I can��t say it. I don't know what happened to Yue Xiang. The leaves saw Chen Lin's appearance, and Yue Xiang always insisted that when the leaves were chatting with Yue Xiang at night, the leaves tried to persuade Yue Xiang not to insist on it, but no matter how the leaves were persuaded, Yue Xiang still insisted. Yue Xiang mentioned more than once that "I just didn't do well enough Parliament Cigarettes." The leaves looked at Yue Xiang's head in a daze, didn't know what to say, and at the same time the leaves were shocked by the words sent by Yue Xiang because they didn't Knowing how to treat these two good friends, for a long time, the leaves chose silence, unless Yue Xiang took the initiative to talk to him, the leaves would not send him a message. The time passed quickly, and it was already summer vacation. One day the leaves were chatting with others. A special message reminded the leaves to open his message and gave him a smile. That night, the leaf suddenly found a smile on him and didn't know what to send. However, Yue Xiang��s words and deeds were particularly strange that night. Yue Xiang said: ��I hope you will be the same person who will chat with you tomorrow.�� The leaves were scared by this sentence, asking why, Yue Xiang said: ��My other him I can't control it." The leaves said to Yue Xiang: "No, you are so powerful." Then they went to sleep. The next morning, the leaves found his information. When I opened it, the leaves couldn��t figure out why. The tone of his speech was completely different from that of yesterday, and even his avatar changed.
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