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ife. The youth of
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ife. The youth of 5 months, 2 weeks ago #1

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In the rainy season, my name is Luoshan, and my body is like hanging in the air, without weight. To be strong, the tears are filled with cheeks. On the way home, I hesitated, hesitated, and stayed, as if I had lost my way. The night opened the curtain, it was a little rain that reminded me to go home, my grandmother watched me at the door, happy, but I couldn��t laugh, like the dark rainy night. Put down the bag and plunge into the sofa Parliament Cigarettes. Feeling is not normal as usual. A dark fragrance floats on the tip of the nose, sweet, faint, gently smashing through my lost courtyard. Flower blossom! It is floral! Follow the fragrance, I flew to the balcony, ah! It is the kind of jade flower I planted Marlboro Red, so beautiful, so beautiful. The aroma of the scent is tangy and refreshing. Under the curtain, the jade flower blooms calmly. The pure white petals reveal a slight purple, simple and unpretentious, elegant and beautiful. Each small petal is exquisite, or slightly tilted, or half-folded, or shyly concealed, or trembled with the wind. Dim and calm, simple and smart. Blossoming, standing in a pot in the pavilion, like a girl who is worthy of the cardamom, is beautiful. After a night of wind, the flowers danced like they were greeting me, and they seemed to smile at me. Suddenly remembered his own waywardness, heart remorse. Let the good times whisper quietly look at this tiny and high-spirited life, the heart is getting calmer, and an invisible force is surging inside. According to reason, the flowers are only a flash in the pan, the Fanghua is difficult, and the short dawn, but with a strong flame and passion. After the baptism of the wind and rain, it is still so intensely blooming, more and more dazzling. Musk, slipping over the tip of the tongue. There is no rich chocolate, but the silky texture, like the sun kisses the clear stream, the water nourishes the green field, which makes people feel good. At this point, my heart was dyed with flowers, full of flowers, and I gave the flowers a bright smile. The flowers didn't have time to choose depression Wholesale Cigarettes. I only knew how to be able to greet the light and love. Kiss, grasp the sun and rain, and work hard with full passion. Even in the dark, you should sway your bright and colorful waters, and after the maturity, you will be able to calm down and calm down. It will always smile, and all the way along the way, sing the life with the song of life. The youth of love is like every flower. Walking on the days when youth blossoms, we must cherish and take every step, even if the time is like an arrow, let the limited life bloom beautifully and have a splendid life.
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