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1 Great Northern Title Great Northern Title
We didn't design and code the site. Recently we took over hosting for the site though and they are on my web hosting services. When we moved things over we completely recreated the order submission form and cleaned up the code so it would load faster.
2 Gala Hosting Gala Hosting
Website upcoming. I need credit card processing before I can get the site up. This is the web hosting service that we provide. We can still provide web hosting for you even if our site is not up. Personal sites are $30/year and small business sites are $40/year.
3 The School of Galatorg The School of Galatorg
A website I'm in the process of getting everything together on. It is an educational website meant to teach people about various symbols, people, religions, and internet trends. It is a Joomla! website with a number of add-ons. I created the graphics for the website. Work is constantly being done on the site to get it up to what it needs to be.
4 Gala Automation Systems Gala Automation Systems
This website. It is a Joomla! website with a focus around selling RepRap and other CNC items. Computer services are offered and will eventually be outlined on the website as well.
5 Music 4 All Kids Music 4 All Kids
This is a website designed and hosted by us. Music 4 All Kids is a non-profit organization we are helping to establish. The goals of the organization are to provide music lessons and instruments to children in the area, even if they cannot afford to pay for it. It is a Joomla!-based website.