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For this part you will need:

  • 9x M8 Nuts
  • 10x M8 Washers
  • 2x M8x294mm Threaded Rods
  • 2x 608ZZ Skate Bearings
  • 1x belt-guide printed piece
  • 2x bar-clamp printed pieces
  • 1x y-bract printed piece


In this part, you will be getting the back part of the frame ready.  This is where the motor for the y-axis is mounted.  Once you are done with this step, you will have something like this:


Insert the two 608ZZ skate bearings into the belt-guide like you did in the last step.  Take one of the threaded rods and thread an 8mm nut down to about the center.  Put an 8mm washer onto one end, followed by the belt-guide with 608ZZ bearings in it, then another 8mm washer and 8mm nut.  Once you have the nut threaded on so it's snug, you'll move to the other side of the first nut you put on.  Start by putting a washer onto this end.  Next, we will put the y-bract piece on.  The arrows on the piece point up to the hole that you will need to put it through.  After the piece comes another 8mm washer and 8mm nut.  Positioning is not that important in this step, but the closer the belt-guide is to the middle, the better off you'll be later on.  Now, add a bar-clamp to each end like you did in the last step by putting on an 8mm nut, 8mm washer, bar-clamp, 8mm washer, then 8mm nut again.  These should end up about 1/4 of the way into each end of the threaded rod.  You just need to put on the bottom rod and this part will be complete.  Put an 8mm nut almost halfway onto the rod and then an 8mm washer onto the short end.  Next, put this end of the threaded rod through the bottom hole of the y-bract piece.  Finish off by putting another 8mm washer and nut onto this rod.  When you are done, it should look similar to the picture above.

Go here for the next step where you'll attach the front and back parts of the frame to the triangles