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For this part you will need:

  • 16x M8 Nuts
  • 16x M8 Washers


In this part, you will be putting the front and back parts of the frame that were assembled in the last two parts onto the vertex triangles.  We will not want to tighten anything yet, so we shouldn't need any tools for this step.  After this step we will start to see the frame coming together, it will look like this:


Start by threading an 8mm nut a couple inches onto both ends of each rod from the front and back assemblies.  This should use eight of the 8mm nuts.  Take the back assembly and add an 8mm washer to the left side(with the motor mount holes pointing away from you) on both rods, then put them through the holes on one of the frame-vertex-feet of one of the triangles from the first step.  There is no front of back to the triangle parts, but the frame-vertex-feet should be on the table.  As for the back assembly, you will need to make sure that the y-bract piece points out away from the center of the triangle.  The motor mounts towards the outside of the machine.  After the rods are through both holes, add an 8mm washer and 8mm nut to the end of each.  The outer nuts should end up towards the end of the rod.  You can snug the inner nut on each rod up to the inner part of the frame-vertex-foot.  This picture shows the proper orientation:


Now you will put the front two rods onto this same triangle.  Take the rod with the belt-clamp on it and put an 8mm nut a couple inches onto one end (it doesn't matter which).  Add an 8mm washer to that end, then put it through the top hole of the other frame-vertex-foot on this triangle.  This is the piece on the left in the picture above.  Once it is put through, add an 8mm washer and 8mm nut to the outside part of this rod.  Now take the front, bottom rod (that has nothing on it) and put an 8mm nut onto it and thread it a couple inches down again.  Add an 8mm washer, put it through the bottom hole and then add an 8mm washer and 8mm nut to the outside like we have with the other rods.


You will now add the other triangle to the other end of these rods.  Put an 8mm nut a couple inches on the other("right") end of the rods and then add an 8mm washer to the end as well.  After this, take the other triangle and put the ends of the rods through the four holes in the frame-vertex-feet of it.  It may be easiest to do this part by laying the triangle that you just put the front and back rods through flat onto the table so the front and back rods point up into the air.  Once you've put the triangle onto the other end of the front and back rods, put an 8mm washer followed by an 8mm nut onto the end of each one.  Again, the outer nut should end up towards the end of the rod.  Don't worry too much about the position yet, we'll be measuring and tightening much of it down in the next step.

When you are finished with this part, you'll put the top on in the next part here