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For this part you will need:

  • 12x M8 Nuts
  • 16x M8 Washers
  • 2x M8x440mm Threaded Rods
  • 2x z-mount printed pieces


In this step you will be attaching the top threaded rods, which will just about complete the frame.  You will be tightening much of the frame in this step so you need a couple of 13mm wrenches for the nuts.  You'll also need something to take measurements with or you could just use a jig that is 234mm long.  When you are done, it'll look like this:


You'll want to start by taking one of the 440mm threaded rods and threading an 8mm nut to about the center of the rod.  Afterwards, take another 8mm nut and thread it about 1/4 of the way down the rod.  If the first nut is not exactly in the center(it just needs to be close though), put the second nut on the end with more threads.  The picture below will show you the positioning.  Do the same thing to the other 440mm threaded rod.  Put a washer onto both ends of each rod.


Take one of the 440mm rods and put the end with the nut that's about to the center into one of the top holes in the frame located in either one of the frame-vertex pieces.  Put the other 440mm rod into the hole next to it in the same way.  You will have to loosen up some of the nuts against the frame-vertex-foot pieces or just take one of the triangle off, but you need to put the other ends of the 440mm rods into the corresponding top holes in the other frame-vertex piece.  Once you have the rods through, put an 8mm washer and 8mm nut onto the end of each and thread them about 4 inches in.  You can also run the two 8mm nuts that you brought to the middle of the 440mm threaded rod out further towards the end, but you'll be coming back to it soon to position everything correctly.  You'll now want to take your 234mm jig or measuring device and work on spacing the frame out at the two front and two back rods near the bottom.  Just like with the triangles, you will be placing the jig (or measuring) between the two plastic pieces.  The picture below shows you where to measure:


Try to measure as close to each rod as possible when you are tightening things down.  You will only be tightening down the nuts that are against the frame-vertex-foot pieces.  The pieces in the middle of the rod will be positioned when we are putting the axes on.  Try to get the threaded rod centered (to make it look nicer) or you can cut the ends off if you want when you are all done with everything.  When you are measuring the upper rods on the feet, the belt-guide may get in the way, just try to get as close as possible.  Once the nuts are measured out and tightened up on the bottom four rods going into the frame-vertex-foot pieces, we will go back to the top of the frame.


With the bottom tightened, the top should be pretty close to being the right distance apart already unless one of your nuts is in the way.  Before you space this one out, you will want to make sure the rod is centered.  It doesn't have to be exact, but each side will need about the same amount of thread to put the z-mount pieces on.  Once they are close to center, then space the top part out between the frame-vertex pieces like you did on the bottom part of the frame to the feet.  Once you've gotten it spaced out and tightened down, put an 8mm washer onto the end of each of the rods, then put a z-mount piece onto each side.  The z-mount pieces should be positioned like you see in the first two pictures.  There is a little place on the top to put the motors into and there is about half of a hole on the outer edge.  After you put those on, add another 8mm washer to the end of each rod, followed by an 8mm nut and snug down the nut.  Make sure not to over-tighten the outer nut or you could break the z-mount piece.

Only one more part to complete the frame, continue here