Z Motors, X-Axis Rods and Carriage PDF Print Email

For this part you will need:

  • 8x M3 Washers
  • 8x M3 x 10mm Cap Screws
  • 3x LM8UU Bearings
  • 2x NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
  • 2x 8mm Smooth Rods, 420mm Length
  • 1x dualfanxcarriage printed piece


In this part you will be putting on the rods for the x-axis as well as putting the carriage on them.  We will need the 2.5mm allen wrench again to tighten down the cap screws.  All the axes will be on after this step and our printer will look like this:


You will start by putting the motors into the z-mounts.  They won't be used in this step, but it'll be easiest to put them in now.  Put a motor into each z-mount piece against the outside edge of it.  It may be easiest to turn the printer upside-down for the next part.  If you do so, be careful with the bed because it will slide and make sure the motors don't come out.  The motors coming out usually isn't much of an issue, they tend to fit snuggly into the z-mount pieces.  Put an 8mm washer onto each of the M3x10mm cap screws, then start the cap screws into the eight holes between the two motors.  Once you get all cap screws in, tighten them down.  Don't overtighen them or you may strip the threads in the motor.  It's best to tighten down the screws in an 'X' or hourglass like pattern so it tightens evenly(kind of like how you would with the tire on a vehicle).  If you flipped your printer upside-down, you can turn it back over now.

Snap the three LM8UU bearings into the bottom of the x-carriage(dualxfancarriage) piece.  Put one of the smooth rods through the two bearings next to each other and the other smooth rod through the other bearing.  The bearings snap tightly into place and won't come out, we don't need to fasten them to the x-carriage.  Turn the x-carriage so that the flat side is up, this is the top of it where a head mounts.  Put the ends of the two smooth rods through one of the x-end pieces(it doesn't matter which) so that the two protruding tabs on the x-carriage face the back of the machine(refer to the picture if you are unsure).  You should approach the x-end with the smooth rods from the other x-end.  Push the smooth rods through the x-end untul you can get the other end of the rods into the other x-end.  Once it's in far enough, put the other ends into the other x-end and back all the way through the holes.  Even out the amount of bar sticking out the end of each x-end(if you want, it just makes it look nicer) and then tighten down the two cap screws in the bottom of each x-end to hold the smooth rods into place.  Like before, you don't need to tighten it down too much.  Too much and something may break or cause unwanted stress in the part.  It holds into place pretty easily.  It should now look like the first picture.

In this next part, you will put on the x-axis motor and belt