Attaching Endstops PDF Print Email

For this part you will need:

  • 2x M3 Nuts
  • 2x M3x16mm Cap Screws
  • 2x Small Zip Ties
  • 3x Mechanical Lever Switch
  • 1x y-enstop-holder printed piece
  • 1x minimal-endstop printed piece


Optional, if not gluing an endstop to the x-end-motor piece

  • 1x M3 Nut
  • 1x M3x16mm Cap Screw
  • 1x Small Zip Tie
  • 1x minimal-endstop printed piece


This part will be fairly easy, you will only be attaching the endstops and getting them ready to hook up.  You'll need a 2.5mm allen wrench to tighten down the cap screws again.  You will also need some glue to attach the x-endstop to the x-end-motor piece, which will give you maximum printing space.  If not, you will need the optional items above.  This is where you'll be after this step:


 The first thing to start with is putting the endstops onto the holders.  You will need to reference the picture below to see which way to position them when putting the zip ties through.  It doesn't matter that much which direction the lever is angled towards, just which side of the printed piece they are on and the side that the lever is on.  Use a zip tie to put an endstop onto each of the holder printed pieces.  Start by feeding the end of the zip tie through the hole in the printed piece from the side that the endstop will not be on.  Put the end of the zip tie through the corresponding hole in the endstop and slide.  Pull the ziptie all the way up through the hole until the other end stops it and slide the endstop down the ziptie to the printed piece.  Feed the end back down through the other hole and into the other hole in the printed piece.  Pull the end you just fed through all the holes so that the ziptie is tight up against the endstop, then put the end of the ziptie through the other end and tighten it down.  Do this to the two or three endstops that you will need.


If you are unsure where to put the endstops, refer to the first picture.  It has arrows that point to where the endstops go on and what they look like.  Clip the y-endstop-holder onto the threaded rod on the back to the frame towards the left side, on the right side of the left y-axis smooth rod clamp.  Put one of the M3x16mm cap screws down through the hole and start a M3 nut onto the end of it.  Slide the bed back and rotate the piece up/down so that the thicksheet of the bed hits the lever on the endstop.  Once it's positioned, tighten the cap screw and nut down so that it doesn't move.  Don't over-tighten, it doesn't take much to secure it so that it doesn't move.  After tightening, slide the bed back and forth a couple times to make sure it hits the lever and doesn't rub into the plastic piece.  Clip the z-axis endstop onto the left smooth rod for the z-axis.  Put it on underneath the x-end-motor piece and at about the level of the sheet of glass on the bed.  You don't need to put it in any specific position and tighten it down yet, but you need to put a M3x16mm cap screw through and a M3 nut onto it.  You will position it in a later step.

You can just glue the x-axis endstop onto the x-end-motor piece to give you a little more distance on the x-axis or you can put it onto one of the minimal-endstop pieces and clip that piece onto the back x-axis smooth rod.  You will want to position it to the left as far as possible, but keep in mind that you will need to put the endstop wires onto the metal contacts.  Put a M3x16mm cap screw through the hole on the clamp and then a M3 nut on.  You could tighten it down, but you may want to make sure you can get the endstop wires/connectors on first.  If you ever need to, the endstops are pretty easy to adjust;  You just loosen the clamp, slide the holder, then re-tighten the clamp.  None of the screws need to be tightened down too much.  If you are gluing the endstop onto the x-end-motor piece, then glue it onto the back part of the hexagonal structure on the piece towards the bottom with the lever on the endstop pointing down.  Before gluing, you will want to slide the x-carriage back and forth to make sure it causes the endstop to click and that the wires/connectors can be put onto the endstop.  After you have the three endstops on, you are done with this step.


Continue here to the next step where you'll do the wiring for the printer