Putting on the Heatbed PDF Print Email

For this part you will need:

  • 9x M3 Nuts
  • 15x M3 Washers
  • 3x M3x40mm Cap Screws
  • 3x 3+mm Inside Diameter Springs
  • 1x Prepared heatbed assembly (wires, LEDs, resistor, thermistor)
  • 1x 8 inch x 8 inch, 1/8" thick piece of glass
  • 4x Small Binder Clips


In this step, you will be putting the heated bed onto the bed that you put on along with the y-axis.  Your heatbed should already be put together and ready to put on before this step.  This means that it already has the resistor, LEDs, and wires soldered to the board and thermistor.  The thermistor and wires should also be taped to the board.  You will need a level to make sure the bed is level.  Once the bed is on, it will look like this:


You will start by putting the screws and springs onto the thicksheet corners to set the heatbed onto.  Take a M3x40mm cap screw and put a M3 washer onto it.  Put it up through one of the holes used in the picture below, then put another M3 washer, spring, M3 washer, and then thread a M3 nut onto it so the spring it tightened down most the way and that you have some threads on top.  The nut should end up about 1/3 of the way onto the cap screw.  Put another nut onto this cap screw and thread it down to near the other nut, then add a M3 washer.  Do this same thing to the other two holes.  The picture below is how things should end up.


 Now, take the heatbed put it onto the three cap screws so that it lays on the washers.  The heatbed should be positioned so that the wires come out the bottom of the heatbed and run towards the back of the printer.  Put another M3 washer, then M3 nut onto the top of each cap screw to hold the heatbed on.  Put the sheet of glass on top of the heatbed in the center and clamp it down in the four corners.  Clamp it so that when you clamp it you are coming from the front or back, otherwise it may run into the frame of the printer.  See the first picture if there is any confusion.  Lastly, take your level and place it on the sheet of glass to check how level the bed is in both the "X" and "Y" directions.  Adjust the nuts on the cap screws to adjust how level the bed is.  Just try to get it as close, you may end up adjusting it slightly when you are calibrating the printer.  You will want to make sure that the springs allow the bed to press down a little and that they are mostly compressed.  If you ended up needed to raise the x-axis to get the heatbed on, you will want to get it level again also.  Now the heatbed is on and this step is done.

Here in the next step you will put on the endstops