Gala Model Final Assembly
Final Items and Cable Management PDF Print Email

For this part you will need:

  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x 12V 20A Power Supply
  • ~2.5 feet of spiral cable management


In this part you will put the electronics onto the machine and plug in all the wires from the last step.  In order to do this step you need to have a set of RAMPS 1.4 (or similar) electronics all put together and ready to put on the machine.  You will also need to have the power supply ready to be plugged into the wall and the RAMPS shield.  You will need the 1.5mm allen wrench again as well as something to clip the extra part of the zip ties off.

Filament Holder PDF Print Email

Filament Holder

Firmware, Software, and Calibration PDF Print Email

Firmware, Software, and Calibration

Start Replicating PDF Print Email

Congratulations!  You've finished putting together and calibrating your 3D printer, now you are ready to start printing out parts.  You can visit the RepRap Models section on this site to get some models, download models from a site like Thingiverse, or design your own with some CAD software.  All you need to do is obtain an STL, run it through the software, and print things out.