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1 RepRap Wiki RepRap Wiki
RepRap Official Site. Almost all information about the RepRap can be found here.
2 RepRap Blog RepRap Blog
Official RepRap blog. Look for news in the RepRap world here.
3 RepRap Forums RepRap Forums
Official RepRap forums. Besides going to the IRC channel, you can come here to ask questions and have discussion.
4 Thingiverse Thingiverse
Thingiverse is a 3D model sharing site. Go here to find things to print out or create and share your own models.
5 Ultimachine Ultimachine
Ultimachine is a RepRap materials supplier, similar to this site. Their best kits are electronics kits. They provide RAMPs PCB board, motors, stepper drivers, and heatbed PCBs.
6 MakerGear MakerGear
MakerGear offers RepRap supplies and their very own version called the Mosaic. They are well know for their hot ends used for extruders on 3D printing machines.
7 LuLzBot LuLzBot
Web store similar to ours offering RepRap items. They are known for an aluminum extrusion model called MendelMax that they just built.