RepRap Models

Prusa Iteration 2 Differences

The Prusa Mendel iteration 2 is a brand new version of the RepRap.  It is the Prusa Mendel with a large number of improvements.  The parts are mostly interchangable with the first iteration.  Notable improvements are posted on the RepRap blog.  Gary Hodgson went through and did a diff analysis of the parts, you can find the site at  I will sum of the differences:


  • Push Fit - The x-end-motor and x-end-idler now had the x-axis rods held in with pressure from below where there used to be screws.
  • Bushings - The x-carriage, x-end-motor, x-end-idler, and y-bushing all have something new in them to handle bushings.  It's slightly like the pla-bushing was removed and just integrated right into these models, there are now clips on these items.  The y-bushing is a new part that is just a clip to hold a bushing.  The clips can fit various types of bushings into them, including brass bushings, flet, and printed pla busings(which I don't entirely understand, look at printable-bushing in the prusadiff above).
  • SAE/Metric No More - It no longer matters whether you use SAE or Metric hardware in the construction of the RepRap, 5/16" will work just as good as M8.
  • LM8UU Linear Bearing Support - There is a set of models with some alterations to the clips on the items mentioned above to specficially fit LM8UU linear bearings.
  • Fewer Tools Required to build - All the parts have nut traps built into them.  Technically speaking the only things you really need to put it together are the items in the BOM, a couple of wrenches for the M8 or 5/16" nuts and a screwdriver or allen wrench for the small screws.
  • One Plate Bed - The PCB heatbed is a standard part on the RepRaps now and essentially counts as a plate itself.  It is now designed around having one bed with the PCB heatbed as a second plate.
  • Better Belts - We are yet to play with this one.  We still use the T5 belts and that is what we offer in the store, along with the proper pulleys, but in the near future T2.5 will be offered.  The future of RepRap will be T2.5 belts, for most purposes T5 works very well and that's what people have been using.  Pretty easy to change this out should you want to.  In general, you can pretty much continuously update your RepRap and make it better (dangerously awesome).
  • Better Documentation - This is yet to happen, but they are working on some very well put together documentation with something called ThingDOC.  Basically this is making it easier and easier for anyone to put one together.  I am working on making videos of assembly to put onto this site.