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Written by Steve Hildinger   
Monday, 23 April 2012 18:42

We received some money to purchase some inventory and get things moving a little bit quicker now that the details have been ironed out.  Items have been ordered with the money and we have receieved everything as of today.  The most important item being the last to arrive, of course.  This was the LM8UU linear bearings.  We need these to finish up the machines we are currently building.  We will also start selling these soon in sets of 11 (maybe other sizes too?).  The other items we ordered allowed us to assemble 10 sets of RAMPS 1.4 electronics.  We've started selling kits HERE (only 1 left!) and the RAMPS 1.4 shield HERE.  Once we get the money in from previous sales we'll go purchase some 8mm Smooth Rods and finish up a few machines which will get things really rolling.  We took great pictures of the RAMPS 1.4 soldering process, so we'll be able to get a tutorial up soon.  Request a video of something and we'll make it.


If you are looking for anything just contact us on the contact form and we'll be able to get right back to you.

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Progress Continues PDF Print Email
Written by Steve Hildinger   
Thursday, 05 April 2012 05:45

The past few months have mostly consisted of selling electronics on eBay.  More specifically, RAMPS 1.4 sets with the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 board, power supply, and USB cable.  We still need more funding to keep more inventory on hond and operate and actual store.  We have been working on setting up a kickstart project on  It looks to be a good way to do a nice project like getting the final model in order as well as tutorials done.  I have a great project in mind that will get a few more RepRaps out there as well as a few more cool kits.  Hopefully it goes well, I have faith that it will though.

The website is completely switched over into our new theme and called "Gala Automation Systems."  A bit more tweaking is needed, but things are starting to come together.  We still need to take a lot of pictures for the future web store, not to mention all the cropping, resizing, and adding of borders.  We need to order more parts (rods and bearings) to shoot the next portion of our tutorials.  The electronics footage hasn't been looked at, but we are certain it needs to be reshot.  We are going to be making the tutorials as part of the kickstarter project.  We will get a microphone and another camera to make the tutorials.

Lots of great ideas flowing.  The process and future plans are essentially in place.  Just kind of need inventory :)

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Tutorial videos coming PDF Print Email
Written by Steve Hildinger   
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 14:01

I'm currently in the process of uploading 4 videos to YouTube.  The first is an intro to RepRap and the other 3 are tutorials for assembling the main frame.  As soon as they upload you will find them in the RepRap Assembly section.  These will be improved, but they do the job for right now, please let us know how you'd like to see them improved since we plan on improving them down the line.  We are working on adding forums to the site and know that they are having some issues right now, but we are working on fixing it.  They work just fine, the appearance just has issues.

Everything is starting to flow PDF Print Email
Written by Steve Hildinger   
Friday, 24 February 2012 21:11

Everything is starting to get flowing.  I've sold a couple sets of electronics on eBay.  This will help me work up an inventory.  I have lots of other supplies and will be offering a fully assembled machine soon.  We'll be offering the plastic parts at that point also, we just want to make sure everything is perfect before we start to sell any of it.  If you are specifically looking for something just get into contact with us, we can probably help you out.  We are very friendly :)  Overall, everything is looking good.

Header upgraded and tutorials started PDF Print Email
Written by Steve Hildinger   
Saturday, 14 January 2012 01:55

I've shot the raw footage to start working on the tutorials.  I've gotten the intro video already processed.  The rest of the tutorials to put the frame together should be done within a day.  I should be able to start putting those up on my YouTube channel and getting them onto the site in the next couple days.  I've put a motto for the business onto the header and added some gears that I wanted to in order to make it look nicer.  Starting to look pretty good, but yet a lot more work to get done.


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