Tutorial Almost Done Print
Written by Steve Hildinger   
Friday, 23 August 2013 07:12

The web store site is as ready as it can be for now.  We need to take more pictures of our items and put them into the store.  It's currently on a private server in our network, so you cannot get to it, but we will make it available as soon as we can.  Shaggy(me) has been working hard on completing the tutorials to assemble the printers we sell.  You can check them out in the RepRap Assembly section.  They should be completed in the next couple days.  I'll likely post something again when it's done.  We are currently offering that model for $750+shipping.  It can be fully calibrated or just come as something you can put together if you want.  Shipping costs more if you want it pre-assembled.  Just drop us a line on the "Contact Us" page.